Getting Started with Active Learning Strategies [eBook]

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Bailey Hull is a writer at Cengage. She’s passionate about equitable education, cozy soups and improv comedy.


What is active learning? Broadly speaking, active learning strategies are activities that engage students in the learning process. Group work, peer review and interactive quizzes are some examples. These strategies are key because they can help increase student performance. In fact, students in courses that use active learning are 1.5 times less likely to fail than their peers who are not engaged in active learning.

Our Getting Started with Active Learning eBook explores:

  • The benefits of active learning
  • The history of active learning
  • How to engage students with class material, including tips from your peers
  • How to cultivate an active learning-friendly environment…and more

Download your copy now to discover why active learning is important and learn how to implement active learning strategies in your own course.