From November 19-21, Cengage Learning’s Communication team participated in the National Communication Association (NCA) Annual Convention in Las Vegas. Members of the Product, Marketing, Content, and Sales teams engaged with Communication faculty to discuss trends in the discipline, attend sessions, collaborate during focus groups and celebrate during a fantastic MindTap event.

In-booth demos hosted more than 30 instructors who experienced how MindTap Communication works first-hand. We provided dozens of five dollar gift card incentives for instructors who participated in a five minute MindTap demo and provided feedback. During one demo, an instructor said, “I’m very impressed by all the things this tool can do and the ease of operation.” She went on to say that her favorite features within MindTap were the ability for students to practice their speeches and skills, outline, and participate in peer-review. Throughout the conference, instructors praised MindTap for meeting students’ needs.

Focus Groups were conducted by the Product and Marketing teams to better understand how we can serve students and instructors in Communication. With in-booth demos and focus groups, Cengage Learning created a closed loop of relevant information that instructors could access at any point throughout the conference. We conducted 7 focus groups and 8 content interviews that provided our team with impactful information that enhance our understanding and evolution.

Sessions focused on the conference theme: Embracing New Opportunities. In one thought-provoking session, a speaker discussed the importance of live-capture collaboration for students. This resonated with us because with MindTap, students are able to digitally collaborate with one another through video, and in turn learn together.

The third annual MindTap and Martinis event held in the Cengage Learning booth was a huge success! We invited 200 of our closest friends to enjoy a delicious martini and experience MindTap first-hand. With opportunities to enhance, practice and apply skills to their everyday lives, instructors learned that what happens in their classroom doesn’t stay in their classroom with. An instructor at the event raved that MindTap is a “user-friendly system that provides learning opportunities in ways that are accessible to all students, the introvert and extrovert alike, which is a big win.”

We had a great time engaging with faculty at NCA, and look forward to embracing new opportunities in Communication!

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