Gale is constantly looking for new ways to enhance users’ experience and meet them wherever they begin their research. To this end, Gale recently expanded the integration of Google Apps for Education™ (such as Gmail™, Google Classroom™, Google Drive™, and Google Docs™) into many of its most popular solutions for academic, public, and school libraries. Currently, Gale products with integrated Google Apps for Education include: Research in Context and other In Context resources; InfoTrac; GVRL; Contemporary Authors Online; LitFinder; the MLA International Bibliography; Book Review Index Plus; and the Literature Resource Center. The integration will be added to Kids InfoBits this winter.

The integration of Google Apps for Education into Gale products puts research technology directly into users’ standard workflow, making it even simpler for them to work on and complete their assignments and projects. The integration also facilitates collaboration from the library to the classroom. Now, researchers can log into many of their school or library’s Gale resources with their Google Account credentials. From there, they can save, share, and download content using Gmail, Drive, and Docs. Users’ individual markings and notations, such as bookmarks, personal highlights, and notes can also be saved and downloaded. In December, the new Google Classroom share button will be integrated with these resources, allowing educators to seamlessly link Gale content (as well as other web content) to classroom assignments.

In addition, free Chrome app versions, available via the Chrome Web Store, allow users to access the same Gale resources available through their libraries. (These apps will be available via Google Play for Education in 2016.)

Customers are already seeing student success, thanks to Gale’s integration with Google Apps. Read our customer success story, which discusses how connectivity with Google Apps for Education makes it fast and easy for students and teachers at Prosper High School in Texas to find, annotate, and share In Context content that’s related to their classes.

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You can also see the integration for yourself! The videos below show you how you can use Google Classroom and Google Drive with your Gale resources.