Sandy Keeter has been teaching at Seminole State College since 1994, but has been a computer “trainer” since the early 80s. At Seminole, she teaches a variety of classes in Microsoft® Office, both on-campus and online, including Introduction to Office Applications, which is offered as an online or hybrid course. As a former Air Force officer, Keeter previously worked with IBM on a project to “modernize” DOD computer systems, and she also taught Air Force ROTC students at the University of Florida.

Not too many years ago, Keeter and her colleagues in Information Technology at Seminole were struggling with how to manage the overwhelming amount of hand grading that came with the multiple-choice testing they used. Additionally, there was no consistency between instructors when it came to grading and feedback, as everyone was ‘doing their own thing’ and using different rubrics and methods of receiving feedback.

Her intuition (and perhaps her military training) told her there had to be a better way. Keeter set out to find a digital solution that would help instructors manage the grading. They turned to Cengage Learning’s SAM Assessment/Training/Projects with MindTap Reader.

In this success story, you’ll read how SAM has helped Sandy and her fellow instructors grade more efficiently and manage their courses more effectively. You’ll also learn hos SAM has helped improve student completion and retention rates—the percentage of students passing the course went from 60% to 75% once SAM became fully embedded in courses.

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