As a full-time health science student with a part-time job, Samantha Mueller faces the same challenges as most college sophomores, but time management is chief among them. Mueller, whose goal is to secure a career as a physical therapist, considers herself a very tech-savvy and visual learner. She finds online study suits her and allows her to prepare for class and quizzes in a complete and interactive way.

Mueller lives off campus and her days are ‘pretty packed’—between exercise, attending classes on two separate FAU campuses, and working at a restaurant, finding time to succeed at everything can be tough. “I always struggle with balancing studying and being a good worker,” Mueller said. “I want to do everything well, and I like a challenge and I hate being bored!”

Mueller also serves as a Cengage Learning Student Ambassador, which allows her to help other students and share how she’s been able to succeed using online tools. “As a science major I learned that I needed to work smarter,” said Mueller. “This is my first time doing something as a marketer and working with other people to help them find more efficient ways to study. I know that online study tools work because I’ve used them first hand.”

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