This week, we’ve shared a few posts from members of Cengage Learning’s Peer-to-Peer Faculty Development & Consulting team. These posts offer a number of teaching tips and suggestions designed to help you increase your effectiveness in the classroom. But of course, your students can reflect on, build, and hone their effectiveness as students in the classroom as well.

In the activity “Your Reflections: Improving Classroom Performance” from her book The Confident Student, Eighth Edition, Carol C. Kanar prompts students to think about the attitudes and behaviors that they exhibit in their best courses and consider the effects that those actions may have on their success. If you have students who are seeking to improve their performance in your course, you may want to ask them these questions and encourage them to reflect on how they might apply those successful strategies in other courses (including yours):

Reflect on a course in which you are doing well. Rate yourself on attendance, punctuality, and keeping up with
assignments in that course. To what extent have these three behaviors contributed to your performance? What have you learned from your preparation for this class that you can apply to your other classes?  (126)

By the way: if any of your students ask for some suggestions on how they can change their habits so that they’re on track for success, you may want to share some of our tips for students with them!

And of course: feel free to share your tips for student success with us! Leave a reply below. We may include them in a future post!


Reference: Kanar, Carol C. 2014. The Confident Student, Eighth Edition. Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.