Helping Students and Instructors Help Themselves with SAM [VIDEO]

Helping Students and Instructors Help Themselves with SAM
Reading Time: < 1 minute

One of the best features of SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) is that it offers instructors automatically graded assignments. This functionality helps faculty focus on what they do best: teaching and engaging their students. When students get “stuck,” SAM has many tools to help you guide them on the path to remediation.

  • SAM Study Guide Reports: As remediation to Exams and Projects, the student guide report provides links to their textbook and the appropriate SAM Training where they can watch a video or engage with a guided practice.
  • Integrated Guide: Available with Office 2019/365 Training, this resource highlights alternative pathways for completing a task. These include the ribbon, keyboard shortcuts, formula bar and the method to use on Office for MAC.
  • Exam Playback: Use this feature to view the exact steps a student took when attempting the task in SAM.
  • SAM Projects: Utilize these to access the student’s submitted file as well as the Graded Summary Report which includes a marked-up version of the student’s submitted file using native commenting within the application.
  • Solution files: Available to instructors for both the PC and MAC versions of Projects.

Faculty Partner, Sandy Keeter guides you through the tools available in SAM in this 25-minute recorded webinar.