In the fall of 2015, MarketingWorks and SEG Measurement, two independent research firms, conducted a comprehensive study of whether students in philosophy courses that use MindTap® receive higher grades and improve their critical thinking skills more than a comparable group of students in similar philosophy courses that do not use MindTap.

A total of 227 students and nine instructors teaching 15 philosophy classes in nine different institutions of higher education participated in the MindTap research, including five classes that used MindTap and 10 classes that did not. All instructors who used MindTap provided feedback about MindTap throughout the semester, as did 11 students in two mid-semester focus groups and 62 students through an online survey at the end of the term.

Learn how students in philosophy classes using MindTap achieved higher end of-course grades than students in classes using the same textbooks, but other digital tools.

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