Contributor: Yvette Hassakoursian, Glendale Community College (Glendale, CA)

The first time I saw MindTap Math Foundations (MTMF) I was astounded by all the implications and possibilities.  MTMF is an all-inclusive solution for all different kinds of learners and all different kinds of instructors.  I had the opportunity to try MTMF with my class and here are the top three ways MTMF benefited myself and my students.

Top Three Benefits of MindTap Math Foundations

  1. Tracking student progress

The student landing page has a modern feel that students can relate to and it beautifully encapsulates their Math past, present and future.

MindTap Math Foundations Student Dashboard

The left side has the current assignments with clear indicators of the students’ progress.

The right side features students’ My Skills with strategically shaded circles to show student mastery level by topic: it gently tells students what they don’t know.

And the bottom of the screen is a calendar displaying each student’s future related to when assignments are due.

The instructor landing page contains all the features instructors need at their fingertips.  Instructors can see how many students have started and/or completed the assignment, the specific problems students are struggling with, and the resources available to them.

MindTap Math Foundations Instructor Dashboard

  1. Flexible studying

The Learning Burst allows students to tackle pieces of their assignments in small manageable chunks based on their learning style. Students can choose to study by reading, playing, and doing problems based on their preference (auditory, visual or kinesthetic).

MindTap Math Foundations Learning Burst

  1. Unbeatable communication

The communication tools in MTMF allow for students to communicate with each other and the instructor within the environment using the Interactive Whiteboard.

MindTap Math Foundations Interactive Whiteboard

For instructors, the communication tools allow us to message students based on performance, completion, or inactivity without having to leave the environment – everything is all right there. In addition, MTMF allows instructors to customize the assignments to require the learning games and videos, make them optional, or remove them completely.


I envision using MindTap Math Foundations in many different capacities going forward. From pre-assessment review sessions to summer bridge programs, from boot camps to high school collaborative programs, from co-requisite models to self-paced emporium models: the possibilities for implementing MTMF are endless.


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