Technology is transforming learning, and institutions considering how to move forward have lots of compelling options. Just as instructors bring diverse experiences and expertise to class, so too do students vary in how they best absorb new knowledge. Smart use of technology can meet the needs of all—student, instructor, administrator—and still improve learning outcomes.

Better Learning Through Technology

Key benefits of a good digital choice will:

  • Empower learners to be more engaged and confident in their course material
  • Be flexible so instructors can personalize their lectures while also enabling customized student experiences
  • Offer convenience and time savings, yet produce superior results

Success Story: Erie Institution of Technology

One perfect example of a customized technology scenario was found at Erie Institution of Technology. A perfect storm of subject matter, institutional need and changes in how modern students learn led the school to make some bold changes to how they taught—and reaped great results.

As R. Scott Domowicz, Program Director, Erie Institution of Technology put it:

This generation is unlike previous generations. They’re not willing to just sit in a classroom and listen to a lecture. They engage via YouTube, text messaging and social networks. If we don’t adjust and reach out with new tools that engage them on their terms, we’ll lose them.”

Read how Professor Domowicz applied technology and found great success for his students. He used MindTap from Cengage, as well as SAM, to elevate learning in Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, Marketing and Business Communications courses.


Read the Success Story