Guest Contributor: Scott Rudeen, Ph.D.(ABD), MBA, MA, MSM  

The criminal justice field has changed so greatly over the past decade. My goal in the classroom is to help prepare my students to become fully job-ready. We focus on improving their communication skills, their reading comprehension, and their decision-making ability through dynamic scenarios. When students begin their CJ career, they learn quickly that every written word and every action can be used in court, captured on video, and easily shared on social media. As a state trooper who is passionate about law enforcement, my primary goal is to act quickly and ethically to protect my fellow citizens. In the classroom, we discuss the challenging situations they could face, and we work through the consequences of their decisions.

I have developed a series of five video podcasts to show how I have used MindTap to improve student engagement:

  • “Why Use MindTap for Criminal Justice”
  • “Why Students Want to Use MindTap”
  • “How to Build Decision-Making Skills with MindTap”
  • “How to Improve Writing Skills with MindTap”
  • “How to Develop Employability Skills with MindTap”

How are you leveraging online resources to support and motivate students to read and come prepared for class? I invite you to see why I use MindTap for Criminal Justice. You will learn how various online assignments help improve student decision making, writing skills, and employability.

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