Wondering how you can implement mobile learning activities in your course? Looking for some tips that can help you make smart use of smartphones (and other devices) in the classroom?

Take some time to get “Lost & Found in a Wonderland of Mobile Learning”! In this presentation, recorded during our recent online workshop “Wired and Inspired!: The Intelligent Use of Technology in Higher Education,” Shelley Rodrigo, visiting professor at the University of Arizona, will introduce you to a variety of ways that you can provide your students with opportunities to engage in mobile learning.

Rodrigo’s resource-packed presentation offers:

  • Background information on the current state of mobile usage among students (and ideas for learning more about your own student population’s use of mobile devices);
  • Prompts that help you think about how (and when) you might use mobile apps in your course;
  • Activities that encourage you to explore the variety of mobile apps available… and think about how they could spark learning in your classroom;
  • Tips for using social media tools to gather information that’s relevant to your course’s needs;
  • Apps that you and your students can use to get engaged with mobile learning;
  • Suggestions for building activities that are rich in multimedia (text, video, audio, and images);
  • Important access and legal points and processes to take into consideration when you’re planning to “go mobile”;
  • And more… watch to learn!

Keep your own smartphone or tablet handy… then, join the conversation! Tell us what new ideas you gained from the presentation, and let us know how you’ve used mobile learning activities to foster engagement in your course!


Watch the presentation: “Lost & Found in a Wonderland of Mobile Learning”

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