Back-to-school time is just around the corner and many students have already started preparing. From early planners to last-minute textbook buyers, every type of student is different.

We want to help however we can. Students have far less to stress about with CengageBrain available to help them through the first few weeks of school and all through the year.

1. Get the right materials

When speaking with students, we have learned that many worry about whether or not they’ll receive the right textbook version and edition when ordering online. With CengageBrain, your students are purchasing directly from the publisher, and they can always be sure that they’re ordering the right product, the right version, and the right edition.

2. Choose from multiple formats

As different as students are when it comes to back-to-school planning, each student is unique in their learning preferences as well. Which will they use more? Will they need it in the future? From high tech digital learning platforms to bare-bones rentals to everything in between, you assign the text, and students can often choose the exact format they think they’ll utilize the most.

3. Receive instant access

Do you have last-minute shoppers in your classroom every year saying, “I’m still waiting for my textbook to come in the mail!”? When students place a print textbook order on CengageBrain, they automatically receive eBook access to the text for 14 days as part of their print purchase or rental – for FREE. And of course digital book purchases are available instantly too. No more wasting precious teaching and learning time. (Oh, and no more excuses.)

4. Plan the budget

Since there are multiple formats available for purchase with their textbook, that means multiple price options. When students visit CengageBrain and enter their ISBN, Author or Title, they will be directed to the purchase page where they can select a purchase option from the right hand list.

5. Get free shipping

We know students appreciate all the help they can get. So Cengage Learning students get free shipping on all orders over $25. It’s simple as that.

CengageBrain. Smart move.

What other suggestions do you have for making students’ first few weeks of school stress-free? Let us know in the comments.