When the hot weather arrives in full force, it’s easy to feel wiped out, as if any activity is completely miserable. But July and August are the times to make the most of your summer vacation! Try these tips for staying cool and feeling good, no matter how high the temperatures climb.

Hot weather hints

Hot weather often changes the way we eat — craving cooler, lighter food when it’s swelteringly hot. Fortunately, opting for certain foods can actually help you stay cool in the summer heat. Load up on salads and seasonal fruits and vegetables during the summer. More fresh produce means less cooking with the oven and stove, and less heat in your home.

Not only will this habit help keep you and your home cool, but you may also find yourself with more energy from a healthy diet. This will allow you to get out and enjoy your summer break before the new semester arrives.

When planning outdoor activities for yourself and your friends or family, just be sure there’s a safe environment for people of all ages involved. Everyone should have ample access to cool water, shade, and a place to rest when the temperatures peak.


Our pets need just as much consideration during the hot summer months, if not more. Ensure they have more than enough water to drink during the day and on any long walks. And remember to never leave a pet in a vehicle by themselves. On an 85º day, it only takes ten minutes for the inside of your car to reach 102º, even when the windows have been left open an inch or two.

Also remember to close those shades! If the sun is blazing, that’s the time to keep your blinds and shades closed, especially in the direction of the sun. Before you go to bed, make sure your east-facing blinds and drapes are closed to keep out the morning heat. Likewise, close up your west-facing windows in the afternoon. It will help keep these rooms cooler and your power bill lower.

What tips do you have for keeping cool during the summer months? Share your suggestions below.