As the year comes to a close, we at the Engaging Minds blog are taking a look back at some of the topics we’ve addressed this year.

Given that academic success is a top-of-mind topic for instructors and students, we aren’t surprised that our posts on that topic are among our most read.

Below, we’ve shared four of 2015’s most popular posts on student success. We thought that, as you reflect on the close of the year, you might enjoy reviewing these posts as well. The posts discuss some of the key factors that motivate and engage students, and include a variety of tips that you can bring into you own classroom.

Read one or read them all… then jump down to the comments section and share how you support student success in your own courses!

Review four of this year’s top posts on student success and motivation

Students Tell Us What Gets Them Engaged in the Classroom

In a series of videos, students who attended Phi Theta Kappa’s NerdNation conference described the strategies that instructors have used to get them engaged in the classroom. Listen in on their candid responses!

What Keeps College Students Motivated? Their Responses

Nearly half of the students we surveyed said that their career goals served as the top motivator for college success. Read about this and other factors that may (or may not) drive students in their quest for academic success.

Tips for Students: How to Overcome the Biggest Barriers to Student Success

We asked instructors about the biggest challenges students face, as well as their main barriers to success. See what your peers had to say, and discover some tips for success that you can share with your students.

Students’ Goals After College Graduation

In our Spring 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, we asked over 3,000 college students about their goals and how they think college will enable them to get where they want to go. This post shows you what they had to say, and may prompt you to consider how you can support those goals in your own course.

How do you support student success in your courses? Your colleagues want to know! Add your own strategies to this list by submitting a comment below.