Some people seem to dive right in to using the latest and greatest edtech tools and solutions in their courses. But others take more convincing. Perhaps they’re resistant because of the learning curve; perhaps they’re skeptical about the efficacy of the tools; perhaps they’re overwhelmed at the thought of yet another system or procedure; or, perhaps they’re concerned that the use of technology in the classroom will take away from the person-to-person connection that they want to facilitate in their courses.

Can you relate to these concerns? For one reason or another, you’re holding off on bringing edtech in your course. And if you were to use it, you’d want to be confident about its value and proficient in its features and functionality.

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Whether you actually are apprehensive about technology or are less than confident in your use of it, you certainly don’t want to come off that way to your students. In this second installment of the “Who Moved My Chalkboard” podcast series, Greg Rivera of Cengage Learning’s TeamUP Peer-to-Peer Faculty Development describes ways to become more confident about using educational technology in your classroom. You’ll hear his three tips for overcoming the obstacles that come to mind when you think about teaching with technology, and you’ll learn how technology can ultimately support your goal of empowering students to think more critically, independently, and analytically. Greg also talks about the many ways that Cengage Learning can help you learn and succeed in your own journey to becoming a more knowledgeable and tech-savvy educator.

Have you taught with edtech? How did you build your confidence and tech-savviness? Share your thoughts on how to use edtech with creativity and confidence in the comments.


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