Patti Marinelli, a senior Spanish instructor at the University of South Carolina, has helped create a contemporary textbook and online curriculum for teaching Spanish that can be used for traditional, flipped, hybrid, and online courses. The product is Conectados, co-authored by Patti and Karin Fajardo, and the online component is the iLrn™ Language Learning Center all-in-one course management system.

Conectados reinforces a general rule of thumb in language teaching: that you don’t do in the classroom what could be done at home. Students study outside of class and spend classroom time on what isn’t as easily done at home: speaking Spanish with other people. The key benefit of iLrn is that it enhances the effectiveness of the flipped classroom model by engaging students in speaking and practicing Spanish outside of class, thereby further promoting skill development and proficiency.

In this Success Story, you’ll read how iLrn is perfect for motivating millennials and other tech-savvy students to take responsibility for their learning by providing a familiar online platform that incorporates social media tools like the ones they use every day. You can also see how online activities closely linked to in-class follow-up engage students in communicating in Spanish in a real-world context outside the classroom, promoting development of communicative skills while ensuring that students come to class prepared.

» To learn more about iLrn and Conectados’ ability to meet students in their digital world, as well as the solution’s ability to help students in Intro Spanish make the most of both class and study time, read the iLrn Success Story.

You can also read more about the benefits of Conectados in Patti Marinelli’s post: “Five Advantages of Digital Learning Materials in Intro Spanish.”