Amie Russell loves her job — teaching Spanish at Mississippi State University. For three years she has used iLrn™, an all-in-one course management system created specifically for languages, to complement her Cengage Learning Spanish textbook and ensure that her students get valuable practice in communicative skills.

Amie and her colleagues were introduced to iLrn when they selected Nexos, Enhanced Third Edition, for its focus on high-interest cultural themes and meaningful communication. “We wanted to move away from traditional texts based on grammatical structure, and were looking for a resource that focused on communicative skills. We also wanted to get into online learning,” she recalls. “Nexos teaches from a conceptual level and with a cultural perspective—for instance, how to communicate at the grocery store rather than how to conjugate verbs. It was accompanied by iLrn, so it was ideal for our needs.”

Amie is pleased with her iLrn experience, from the content and tools to the support from Cengage Learning. In this Success Story, you’ll see how the iLrn’s diverse activities and resources promoted student engagement and communication competence in Amie Russell’s course. You’ll also see that, by allowing students to record and listen to their own speech, and also talk to each other and to instructors, iLrn enables online language courses to have the advantage of conversation-focused learning. In addition, Amie discusses how iLrn provided excellent teaching support through such features as its Dashboard, where instructors can assign, grade, and assess students’ progress.


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