I recently posted about developments in the Latin American region, making it an ideal place for disruption and educational innovation, with Cengage Learning quickly becoming an ideal partner for innovators within the region and abroad.

Last week, Cengage Learning announced that it will bring LearnLaunch Accelerator, a leading Boston-based edtech startup program, to Latin America via Cengage Learning’s Laboratorio de Innovacion en Experiencias de Aprendizaje (LINNEA) in Chihuahua, Mexico. LINNEA is an innovation lab established by Cengage Learning, National Geographic Learning and The Universidad de Autonoma de Chihuahua, which has been recognized as the most innovative public university in Mexico by Information Week Magazine. LINNEA has several projects underway to explore educational opportunities and new ways to engage learners, such as:

  1. Experiments with formal and informal learning by integrating a museum with a higher education institution
  2. Experiments using disruptive technologies like immersive and virtual reality for education
  3. Promoting ed entrepreneurship with gamification and other disrupting concepts
  4. Listening to students with instagram and other social media
  5. Integrating English learning experiences to engage students
  6. Using digital archives and collections to promote critical thinking and research capabilities within the classroom
  7. Developing engaged learning activities centered on student interests
  8. Promoting cross-discipline learning with National Geographic and TED to inspire students
  9. Attracting speakers, startups, and sponsors to accelerate educational transformation
  10. Developing co-creation workshops to help institutions and teachers define their paths and capabilities to integrate technology.

These are exciting times for Latin America, and it is only the beginning. There will not be an evolution here, but a fast exponential development of the education and technology ecosystem, connecting Latin America to the world as a region that will be leapfrogging into the future.

Bienvenidos Innovators!
Fernando Valenzuela is President of Cengage Learning Latin America.