Guest Contributor: Scott Rudeen, Ph.D.(ABD), MBA, MA, MSM
Criminal Justice Online Program Chair at Broadview University

Careers in criminal justice certainly require a wide variety of skills. In my last blog post, I discussed my challenge to build the decision-making skills of my criminal justice students. Without a doubt, this skill is the foundation for student success as a criminal justice professional. But, if you are an instructor of criminal justice like me, you’ll probably agree another valuable skill is the ability to write accurate and well-written reports.

If so, what are the best ways we can give our students the writing practice they need? How can we help ensure they have the professional writing skills to be confident and job ready for success as a criminal justice professional?

As an online CJ program chair, I want to not only provide my students with lots of writing practice but also make sure they have the tools and resources that will support their writing skill development. That’s exactly why I use MindTap for Criminal Justice.

With MindTap, I can give my students plenty of practice and provide them with the tools they need to develop their writing skills through these applications:

  • You Decide/Justify is a two-part activity requiring my students to use their critical-thinking skills as they justify in writing the specific decisions they made in a real-life scenario. Students get this valuable writing practice in every chapter.
  • Writing Skill Builder exercises help guide my students through the different parts of the writing process and gives them step-by-step practice writing a report. Students can also check their work in MindTap to get feedback before submitting it to me to be graded.

Learn more about my success from using MindTap, and why I believe it provides my students with the best writing skill practice and resources.  I encourage you to check out MindTap for your courses.

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