Cengage Learning understands that an engaged learner is a successful one, and we are leading the transition to digital with a unique faculty and student perspective to transform learning through engagement. This transformation is largely driven by data that informs us about the ways that students and instructors are making use of—and achieving better outcomes through—our digital learning solutions.

In this video, taken during this year’s EDUCAUSE conference, Cengage Learning’s Chief Technology Officer George Moore discusses how our organization uses data as we transition to becoming a more digitally focused company. He highlights the ways that our data-driven view of how the products work helps us develop and refine solutions such as MindTap, which drive better outcomes for students and instructors. Additionally, he talks about how data has helped us discover a cause-and-effect relationship between instructor time in the solution and student time in the solution and how it’s helped us observe trends about the resources and technologies that instructors are using in their courses. He also addresses how we protect student privacy in the process.


Did you attend EDUCAUSE? What were some of your key takeaway points? Have you implemented them at your school?

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