The use of video for educational purposes is exploding — from MOOCs to lecture capture tools — at the university level and in K-12 settings.

A recently published case study from Kaltura, an open-source video platform provider mentioned in a recent post entitled “6 Fast-Growing Tech Companies1, describes how one instructor and his students are using the Kaltura platform to produce and share tutorials at The School of Physics at National University of Ireland – Galway (NUI).

Dr. Oliver Ryan, a senior technical officer for the School of Physics, noticed that second-year Physics students were often confused by the descriptions and diagrams contained within the manual that was designed to prepare them for required lab experiments. He recorded a series of two-minute videos about the experiments and the lab equipment. As a result, students feel more confident andbetter-prepared for the experiments as they begin each session.

See the complete case study and one of the actual videos here.  Kaltura is a member of the Cengage Learning MindShare Alliance.


How have you incorporated videos into your courses? Please share your tips and successes in the Comments section below.



Post Author: Jeanne Heston.