Looking for new ways to improve student outcomes and increase engagement in your Business Communication courses? Try incorporating digital for a grade. Students who are assigned MindTap in their Business Communications courses see improved outcomes and greater engagement.

In Business Communications, working in MindTap leads to better scores.

When students use MindTap every week, they’re more likely to earn an 80% or better in the course, compared to students who only log in every other week. And, if they log in more than three hours per week, they are more than twice as likely to receive a 90% average or better compared to students who spend less than an hour.

Instructors’ time in MindTap influences student outcomes as well! Business Communications instructors who spend eight hours in MindTap per semester (communicating with students, adding and modifying content, monitoring student progress, and so on) encourage greater student use: their students will typically spend at least a half-hour more per week working in the course. In addition, Business Communications instructors who customize the learning path for their course get approximately 70% more students to spend an hour or more per week in MindTap.

Customizing the MindTap learning path in Business Communications courses



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