“My class went from a 50% pass rate with a competing product to an 85%, 90%, and 92% pass rate for my 3 sections with MindTap Math Foundations.” –Jea Joseph, Instructor, Oakwood University

Last Fall, students and instructors from around the country used MindTap Math Foundations in their developmental math classes. They noticed a difference.

63% of students felt that they would earn a grade of B or better

Built with students, for students in Developmental Math from the ground up, MindTap Math Foundations (MTMF) instills confidence in students and motivates them to succeed. Helpful tools, such as step-by-step tutorials, learning games and interactive videos, MTMF gives students the resources they need where they want them.

“It’s like an online classroom, where the book, formulas, and examples are given to you,” one student from Ferris State University described.It’s extremely helpful and keeps everything all in one place.”

72% of students agreed that MTMF delivered a new way to learn course material

“My students liked the learning experience in MindTap Math Foundations,” said Brad Dallas, a mathematic instructor at Glendale Community College. “They played the games and frequently utilized the videos in order to better understand the material.”

In addition to providing students new ways to learn new course concepts, the design is welcoming and engaging to ensure a seamless experience. The vast majority of students spent at least 2 hours a week using the system.

“The approach of MTMF is more exciting and user-friendly,” said one student from Oakwood University.

80% of instructors are likely to use MTMF in their courses

As a result of the ease-of-use for both students and instructors along with increased student success, more than half are looking to adopt for fall.

“MindTap Math Foundations provides warm-up and instruction so that students can learn concepts instead of being trained how to solve problems,” noted Lori Chapman, professor of mathematics at Macomb Community College.

*Data based on surveys with 256 students and 17 instructors who class tested MindTap Math Foundations.

Download this PDF to find out how MindTap Math Foundations has made a positive impact on student success. Learn more about how MindTap Math Foundations can be used in your classroom or class test by contacting your Learning Consultant.