Last week, Cengage CEO Michael Hansen and CTO George Moore participated in LearnLaunch’s 5th Annual Across Boundaries Conference in Boston. The conference brings together the education and technology community to drive innovation, transform learning and increase achievement using digital technologies.

Michael opened Day Two as the featured speaker for the LearnLaunch Accelerator Breakthrough Program Showcase. He spoke of Cengage’s commitment to student success and placed an emphasis on learners who overcome many barriers as they work to obtain their degrees.

Cengage CEO Michael Hansen at LearnLaunch 2017

Touching on the importance of confidence, Hansen stressed the ability of digital tools to help students manage their time while balancing multiple responsibilities. He ended his remarks by challenging the audience, which included many entrepreneurs, to identify the role they play in helping students gain momentum towards achieving their education and life goals.

Speaking on a panel titled, Digital Learning Providers on the Market Landscape, Moore discussed the importance of placing students at the center of product design. This enables Cengage to truly understand the challenges that many students face, which helps in creating solutions that lead to better outcomes. Overall, there was optimism around the evolving education and technology market among panelists.

Cengage CTO George Moore (right) at LearnLaunch 2017

The LearnLaunch conference provided a platform for many stakeholders, including educators, administrators and service providers, to come together to share ideas, insights and best practices. Cengage was thrilled to be part of the conference and we look forward to continuing the conversation in the year ahead.

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