The scope of a student’s life often measures beyond academics. More often than not, there are an assortment of additional responsibilities that hinder the student’s ability to solely focus on school work. These factors range from working a part-time job to raising a family. For these reasons, it’s important for Cengage Learning to align with the students’ lives and be a learning tool that can be used to fit their academic needs.

In order to better understand the life of a student, Cengage Learning led a focus group where they asked eighteen students to participate in a Draw-Your-Day activity where students draw their days from start to finish. The purpose of this activity was to see how and when students study given their already busy lives. Of the eighteen students surveyed, no two responses were exactly the same.

We learned that students tend to fit in studying around their busy lives instead of shaping their busy lives around studying.  Most students do not have a solid block of time they can set aside daily for studying, instead, students tend to squeeze in studying on-the-go or whenever their jobs permitted. In one case, a student didn’t have a block of time they could set aside for studying until 10PM every day. These findings should impact instructors’ expectations; not only are most students unable to spend multiple, unhindered hours a day studying, but also, most students don’t have the ability to access a computer on-the-go. That’s why we found it imperative to build a solution that can adapt to a variety of students’ variable schedules.

Cengage Learning will continue to grow and adapt their mobile platform to truly reflect students’ rapid, busy lives as we put the students’ needs, first.

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