Eileen O’Brien teaches psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where she has used online course resources for ten years. She was dissatisfied with the first two solutions she used because they didn’t work as they were supposed to—particularly in terms of integrating with the institution’s Blackboard® learning management system. Today, Eileen relies on MindTap® from Cengage Learning and is a contented user.

When Eileen discovered Cengage Learning’s Aplia™ a few years ago, she liked its interactivity. She also liked the assistance she received from the Cengage Learning support team, which helped her build an online psychology lab in Aplia. This positive experience sparked Eileen’s interest in trying other Cengage Learning solutions, so when MindTap became available for the introductory text she was using, she adopted it and hasn’t looked back.
Eileen teaches about 1,000 students every year in five sections of introductory psychology; 35% of the course is tied to MindTap. Students work through engagement activities (labs) featuring videos with questions. Eileen embeds quizzes and exams into Blackboard, and ensures that students are prepared for class by putting a timed release on a pre-lecture quiz, on which students must score at least 90%.
Tracking students’ engagement and performance is important to Eileen, and MindTap offers her the tools she wants and needs, such as an integrated gradebook, an engagement tracker that allows her to look at analytics and get a good sense of students’ engagement level, and a progress link that lets her see how each student is doing (and follow up as needed).
Eileen isn’t alone in her regard for MindTap: she says her students love it, too. With such enthusiasm, it’s no surprise that student outcomes have improved since Eileen began using MindTap, too.
Neither is it surprising to hear that MindTap has met Eileen’s expectations on all fronts. “I really like working with MindTap. I expected it to be seamless in Blackboard and it has been. It has really worked well, especially with the automatic integration of the grades. And, I’ve received fantastic support. Cengage knows what we need and is willing to take the time to understand what we are looking for. I think there’s a lot more we can do.”

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