Nikki Ware, an instructor at Kentucky Community Technical College, was frustrated with the current online study tool in use for classes. Students shared her frustration, as they were not only uninspired with the content but learned that the program was supplying them with incorrect answers. Ware set out to improve the situation and began using Cengage Learning’s Aplia, and almost immediately things improved for students and instructors. Armed with correct responses and a program that was motivating and engaging, student outcomes improved and teachers became more effective. Additionally, because Aplia gives students online access to content, students who must wait for financial aid approval to purchase printed textbooks were no longer left behind as their peers moved ahead in the course.

Seeing the benefits of Aplia, Kentucky Community Technical College now uses Aplia for all its courses, giving students and instructors alike a more accurate, time-saving, and engaging online teaching and learning experience.

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