So you’re interested in Open Educational Resources (OER). Who isn’t these days, given the desire to make education more affordable for students? Affordability is certainly a hot topic in education. Though, you may be interested in OER for completely different reasons. You may be seeking OER to supplement your course with new materials, more closely reflect current events or to curate a unique course experience for your students.

Questions About OER

Whatever brings you to OER, the more you dig in, the more questions you’ll likely have:

  • What is OER?
  • How are faculty integrating OER into courses?
  • Are OER materials accurate?
  • Are OER materials effective?
  • Where do I find OER?

Educator Perspectives on OER

The OER universe is wide, and the content needs unique for each educator. To help close the knowledge gap, we sought out instructors, asked them questions and gathered information about their experiences using OER. This then became our new podcast series called, “The Journey to OER.”

Journey to OER captures these conversations, exploring many topics and questions educators have about OER. Hop aboard and join us! We have three episodes so far, with more to come each week. Bookmark our OER page and scroll down to the “OER 360°” section to watch:

  • Episode 1: What is OER and what’s driving interest?
  • Episode 2: Getting Started Using OER
  • Episode 3: The Process and Impact of Using OER

Discovering OER—Together

OER is a journey we’re all taking together, so be sure to be part of the conversation. Watch the videos, then visit the Faculty Community to lend your voice to the conversation about OER.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!