While the flipped classroom style of teaching is not currently the most widely used method in classrooms around the country, it might be the method getting the most attention!

Just last month, we shared our brand new podcast series, Flipping the College Classroom, filled with best practices for flipping the classroom. But how many of you are using this method in your classrooms and what are your thoughts on it?

Instructors using a flipped classroom style of teachingCengage Learning polled instructors visiting the Engaging Minds blog and asked: “Do you use a “flipped classroom” style of teaching?” The poll presented several answer choices:

-No, but I’d like to
-Yes, and I love it
-No, but I plan to soon
-No, and I hope to avoid it
-Yes, but I don’t care for it.

The results are very promising for a shift towards the flipped classroom teaching style. 41% of you reported “No, but I would like to,” 30% said “Yes, and I love it,” and 18% said “No, but I plan to soon.” That’s a total of 89% of instructors who are optimistic about the method. Only 3% of instructors say they tried it and didn’t like it.

For advice on flipping your classroom, visit our blog post, “Experience-Backed Ideas for the Flipped Classroom.” Or try our blog post, “Tools and Technologies for the Flipped Classroom,” for ideas on what tools you may want to implement when flipping your classroom. And for first-hand tips from the instructors who have tested the flipped classroom style of teaching, listen to our podcast series, Flipping the College Classroom.

If you’ve tried the flipped classroom style of teaching, what helpful tricks have you discovered? If you haven’t, what makes you hesitant to try? Share your thoughts below.