Motivating and engaging students has always been a challenge for higher education instructors, and with today’s learners — who use, and often demand, solutions that support their unique study needs and preferences — it can be particularly difficult. Administrators are concerned, too, because engaged students are often the successful students, and student success is increasingly vital these days. Why? Institutions, faced with economic pressures and a job skills gap, have a high stake in enrolling new students, keeping them engaged so they persist and graduate, and arming them with skills to think critically in both their academic and professional careers.
In this new environment, instructors and administrators are recognizing the need to more fully integrate technology-enabled learning solutions into the classroom, and both content providers and technology platform providers are answering the call.
MindTap® is the next generation of an integrated course solution designed to increase student engagement with a personalized teaching experience that helps instructors elevate thinking and promote better outcomes. This cloud-based learning platform is available for 350 courses and consists of interactive media, assignments, quizzing, flashcards, and built-in study tools – all accessible in one place.
This paper summarizes research that supports MindTap as an effective tool for improving student engagement and learning, shares experiences of instructors and students in a variety of disciplines who have found MindTap to be beneficial, and provides an overview of the solution.

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