Though you will find a Learning Management System (LMS) in use at many institutions around the country, individual instructors do use their course LMS in different ways and for different purposes. In fact, if you’re using one in your own course, you have likely already discovered that you and your colleagues in different departments set up and manage your course LMS in a different manner, too.

In a recent survey conducted by Cengage Learning, instructors revealed the ways that they commonly use their course LMS. The top three responses:

  • 77% use the LMS to track students’ grades.
  • 77% post the course syllabus to the LMS.
  • 71% post course documents on the LMS.

Though these activities serve a very important purpose within the course, the LMS can provide far more value. It can be your means of delivering course content, communicating and interacting with students, and gaining valuable insight into students’ performance in the class. Many interactive learning solutions (including Cengage Learning’s MindTap) will also integrate seamlessly into your course LMS—offering you a personalized teaching experience, while providing students with an engaging learning experience that’s rich with interactive activities and assignments that build their knowledge and critical-thinking abilities.

To gain additional insight into how instructors like you choose to use their course LMS, read our latest Market Insights paper, “Supplementing Learning Management Systems with Custom Content to Engage Students.” The paper also includes a number of suggestions for using a variety of tools, materials, and resources within your course LMS to engage your students in the learning process.

» Download Cengage Learning’s latest Market Insight paper: Supplementing Learning Management Systems with Custom Content to Engage Students.