Introducing the One and Only Cengage Blog    

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For a busy educator, every minute counts. You don’t want to go here, there and everywhere for the content you’re looking for — whether that be updates for the products you use in your course or info on that interesting trend your colleague just told you about. 

We get it. And to make your life easier, we’ve officially joined the Today’s Learner blog with The Cengage Blog, putting all the content you’re searching for in one place. Research, insights and teaching tips written by peers? The latest updates and tips on getting the most out of your Cengage products? 

You’ll now find everything on The Cengage Blog. 

Things look a little different, so we encourage you to explore. Browse around our main category pages: Teaching Strategies, Higher Ed Trends, Academic Leadership, Affordability and Product Updates so you can get the scoop on your favorite higher ed topics.    



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