Professor Gary Laycock is the Accounting Program Chair at Ivy Tech Community College, which has more than thirty locations throughout Indiana. He teaches online accounting classes as well as several face-to-face sections every semester, each with an average of twelve to fourteen students.

Currently, accounting instructors are required to use a non-Cengage Learning technology solution for online courses, but are free to choose whatever system they wish in the face-to-face classes. In Fall 2014, Professor Laycock chose CengageNOW.

Once he began using CengageNOW, Dr. Laycock observed that the passing rate in his course jumped more than eleven points to 85.7%, and then to 87.5% in spring 2015. What’s more, in his summer 2015 face-to-face class, all eight students passed—especially notable as the course consisted of 16 weeks of material completed in eight weeks, with no material omitted.

Another result of using CengageNOW is that Professor Laycock is able to spend more time helping his students advance their knowledge. “Previously, I spent an enormous amount of time with students who were struggling. Now that a higher percentage of students are passing the course, I have more time to work with more students in ways that can enhance their learning experience,” he says.

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