Join us on Thursday November 10th, 2016 for some energetic and highly engaging discussions about this election season, hosted by expert Cengage American Government and History authors. Topics range from analyzing dynamics of the youth vote, investigating how Trump and Clinton got to the top, immigration and globalization, Texas politics, and more!

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Sessions will be happening throughout the day, beginning at 10am EST. You can come and go, attend when you are able from the comfort of your desk, come back to watch a recorded presentation–whatever suits your schedule. While you attend sessions, you can ask questions and participate!

Election 2016 Virtual Symposium speakersCengage’s 2016 Virtual Symposium will feature an impressive group of authors.

Two of our speakers, Lon Kurashige and Ellen Hartigan-O’connor, are part of the Global Americans author team. This brand new FIRST EDITION for U.S. History courses recently published, and is available for review!

Take a look at our schedule to see what might interest you:



We look forward to meeting – virtually – with you!