Anne Abney, teaching librarian at Creekview High School northwest of Atlanta, faces key challenges as she leads students through the process of working on their assigned research projects, which are structured through a joint effort among Abney and the course instructors. For one, she must determine how to emphasize key research and critical thinking skills in the school’s large, and often crowded, library. Secondly, she also must organize the library and its new resources in a way that meets the student population’s needs.

In the following success story, you’ll read how Cengage Learning’s Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL), a cloud-based platform that provides digital research and educational resources to libraries, helps Anne Abney accomplish her goals. Abney describes how students’ research skills are becoming more effective, as well as more efficient, as they learn to use GVRL for their projects. You’ll also read how GVRL supports the development of students’ analytical and critical thinking skills.

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