Though many people try to tailor their class time and courses to reach multiple types of learners, it would be nearly impossible to expect you to be able to adapt to and reach every student based on their individual learning style. But – you can give students tools to be able to adjust their learning style to fit your teaching style with a couple of tips from Constance Staley’s FOCUS on College Success.

  • Make the translation. Find ways that you as a learner can translate your instructor’s teaching preferences to fit your learning preferences. For example, if you need to find a personal connection to the material, look for ways that you can relate the topic at hand to your personal life or to someone or something you know.
  • Make wise choices. Beware of letting your knowledge about your learning preferences become a rationale for a lack of success. It’s important to become the best learner possible and to become more flexible. After all, they don’t always ask what you want to do today and how you’d like to do it in the “real world.” Choose to succeed in spite of barriers by selecting strategies that help you become a more effective learner.
  • Take advantage of where you are. Education means great opportunity – both as you work in school and later. Take advantage of where you are and the opportunities it presents. Don’t let obstacles get in the way of appreciating what’s in front of you. (Staley, 66)

Sharing these tips with your students can help them realize the power that they have over their own education, and can make an important impact on their learning paths.

Reference: Content adapted from Staley, Constance. 2013. FOCUS on College Success. 3rd ed. Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.