It only took 20 minutes of hands-on experience for Virginia Dow to get hooked on MindTap. “It was so much easier to use than our existing digital product. I knew it would be much easier for my students,” says the Liberty University English instructor.

She was right — her students reacted “extremely well” to the online resource, and for reasons that went beyond ease of use.

Students Credit MindTap for Course Success

“MindTap has been phenomenal for me and my students,” says Professor Dow. “One ESL student in developmental writing had missed a lot of answers on a test. She asked me to open up all of the assignments in MindTap, including the unassigned ones. She did them all and earned a ‘B’ in the course.

She told the class that the concepts were hard for her, but that working through the MindTap exercises helped her understand them. We use MindTap to focus the students on practicing grammar and punctuation, and we see a huge difference. When students work through each exercise in MindTap, they get it.”

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