If you’re looking for Kathryn Lynip, Manager of Technical Services at Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library in Broomfield, Colorado, don’t assume she will always be stationed at the reference desk waiting to help. Instead, you might find her out among new developments in her city, at a table in a public place, reaching out to gain potential cardholders. Her tactics help reach the people in her community who may not be aware of the library’s resources or how they can be used to make smarter decisions that can improve lives.

While Lynip still takes a few shifts at the library’s reference desk, she won’t likely run out of new parks to visit anytime soon as the city of Broomfield is growing rapidly. If current projections hold, hoards of new residents are expected to move to town without any firsthand knowledge of the library.

Besides being a conduit between the library and underserved populations, Lynip also helps the city plan for the future with Gale’s DemographicsNow: Business & People (DemoNow), a highly customizable, cloud-based collection of rich business and demographic data that provides patrons easy access to real-time demographic, purchasing, and consumer behavior data.

The city of Broomfield, a bedroom community of Denver, is located along what’s known as Colorado’s technology corridor. It’s rapidly attracting high-tech companies, a younger workforce, and potential growing pains that can come from quick expansion. In fact, city officials expect the population to double in the next decade or so. DemoNow provides city officials with valuable demographic data needed to appropriately balance quality of life with massive growth. “The city is really trying to be more data driven, which is good because our community is changing very rapidly,” Lynip said. “It’s a real challenge and we have to rethink how we offer community services and meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse population.”

“Having a tool like DemoNow really helps us provide services to the community and retool to meet the challenges ahead,” Lynip said. “The library is really taking a lead role here and is helping a variety of interests make data-driven decisions.”

In this success story, you’ll learn how DemoNow has helped city officials access the library’s rich reference materials database to intelligently manage booming growth, better protect citizens, and plan for the future. You’ll also read how Kathryn Lynip uses DemoNow in her own efforts to reach potential patrons and help them see that the library’s resources—including, of course, DemoNow—can provide useful data that can be trusted to make decisions that will impact generations to come.

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