Kristin Douglas, one of three librarians and seven paraprofessionals at Hempfield High School in Pennsylvania’s Dutch country, knows that the key to being able to teach and support students is having a well-staffed library.

She also knows exactly what she’s up against when it comes to students’ online expectations. As the district transitions from a print to cloud-based library collection, Douglas and her colleagues understand the library will be compared to popular online destinations students have become accustomed to using outside the classroom. It means part of Douglas’ job is to break poor student research habits and replace them with behaviors that will help students excel regardless of whether they plan to attend college.

The students at Hempfield High, as in most districts, learn at different paces and possess unique needs that cannot be satisfied with a one-size-fits-all digital solution. It’s why Douglas turned to Cengage Learning’s Gale suite of products, a cloud-based platform that provides digital content, tools, and services designed to promote learning and information discovery in libraries.

Douglas relies on Gale to help her provide the one-on-one attention some students require while simultaneously allowing higher achieving students to progress independently. For instance, Douglas says Gale solutions help her create richer learning environments for ESL students and those who read at lower levels.

In the following success story, you’ll read more about how academic performance has increased at Hempfield High, as students now consistently choose more credible sources for research projects. You’ll also learn how Gale enables Hempfield High’s instructors to customize student learning experiences based on their unique requirements.

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