How do you encourage students to understand the relevance of course topics?

Recently, we asked MindTap users to tell us how they use MindTap to increase student engagement. Through this first-ever MindTap Best Practices contest we heard from numerous instructors about impactful, creative, and fun ways to better engage students in the classroom, whether in person or online.

A second place winner in our contest, Professor Lisa Volle hails from Central Texas College. Professor Volle uses MindTap to relate course concepts to the real world, encouraging students to make connections and reach higher levels of understanding. She has some fun with it, too.

I want students to be able to tie various cultural topics back to their readings. It is often a difficult skill to synthesize terms and topics into everyday practices. Having the videos or added websites interspersed in their readings, helps them to make quick connections. Occasionally, I will place a “funny” video that has layers of understanding. Multimedia with the course readings motivates students and the MindTap format is quick and easy to navigate. It’s understanding Culture at the tip of the fingers!

Many thanks to Professor Volle for sharing her efforts raising engagement with MindTap.

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