Though college students might be traveling home, gearing up for a ski trip, or heading to sunnier climes for spring break, are instructors’ plans much different?

The Engaging Minds blog recently posted a poll in which we asked: Instructors, how do you plan to spend your spring break? Below, we’ve shared the top responses, and offered some tips that will help you make the most of your time!

Tips for maximizing your time if you’re spending spring break…

…Preparing for the next series of classes
Judging by our poll, many instructors spend their break preparing their courses. Whether you’re getting ready for the last half of a semester, or gearing up for a new term, these blog posts offer some suggestions that will help you plan and prepare effectively:

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And if you’re already looking forward to the first day of a new term, don’t forget to check out our icebreakers for college courses!

Chances are, if you’re hitting the road during spring break, you already have a travel itinerary in place. But, in the event that you’re looking for a few things to do while you’re on the road, consider these three tips:

  • Seeking some low-cost but high-quality entertainment? Stop into a public library. You might spot an interesting display on local history, hear about a free music program or lecture, or pick up an inexpensive book in the Friends of the Library shop.
  • Taking your smartphone or tablet along? Download some travel apps that will help you find the best museums, parks, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife in town. Some apps also help you keep your itinerary in order.
  • Want to do some reading? If you don’t already have a title or two in mind, consider taking along a book that was written in or about the city or region you’re visiting. You’ll add another dimension to your perspective on the area.

…Relaxing at home

A low-key “staycation” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be all spending your time on the couch, binge-watching the television show of your choice.

Want to enjoy your time at home, while still feeling productive? Make a list of all the things you want or need to do. What local hotspot have you always wanted to visit? What DIY project have you been meaning to complete? Include all those things! Once you’ve made the list, then endeavor to cross one or more of those items off the list each day. You’ll finish your break rested, and with a sense of accomplishment.


How are you spending your spring break? Share your ideas for making the most of the time in the comments.