Cengage Learning White PapersOur research-based white papers illustrate the impact that current teaching strategies and technologies have on today’s educators and learners. Discover how today’s best tools and techniques can benefit you and your institution.

Learning Outcomes

Defining Unique Learning Outcomes and Measuring Student Success

Well-defined learning outcomes help educators design their course and determine the best use of technology, improving student success. Cengage Learning custom digital learning solutions make it easy for instructors to execute lesson plans and gather results in a format that drives desired outcomes.

This report reviews the use of learning outcomes in classrooms around the country and provides recommendations for reconciling standardized learning outcomes required by institutions with instructors’ unique needs for their courses.

Custom Learning Solutions Boost Student Engagement and Improve Learning Outcomes

Whether you’re just starting to use technology in the classroom or you’re well-versed in the tools and terminology of edtech, you may be curious to know how other instructors are using technology in their classrooms.

Ready to find a learning solution that supports students’ desire to succeed in your class? In Cengage Learning’s latest insights report, “Custom Learning Solutions Boost Student Engagement and Improve Learning Outcomes,” you will learn more about the benefits of implementing technology-based learning solutions in your course.

Learning Management Systems

Supplementing Learning Management Systems with Custom Content to Engage Students

Cengage Learning collaborates with LMS industry leaders to help drive advanced features like gradebook integration, with easy-to-use interfaces for both students and instructors.

This report reviews the current state of LMS use in the classroom from both the instructor and student perspective and provides recommendations for implementing custom content and the latest techniques for every course.

Digital Learning

Transitioning to a More Digitally Focused Course Experience

In this report, you will learn what this research has uncovered regarding instructors’ current practices. You will also discover what students expect—and what they experience—when it comes to their instructors’ use of technology. The report concludes with recommendations for bridging the gap between what students want and what you can deliver, and also presents a number of ideas that you can use to increase student engagement in your courses.