For twenty-eight years, Anna Cox has been teaching all levels of mathematics from numerical skills through calculus at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, Michigan. As an innovator always looking for new ways to use technology to engage students, Anna has taken a unique approach to teaching her courses. Anna’s class is currently taught using what she describes as a “hybrid flipped” model. On their time, students watch videos and take notes on a corresponding worksheet; then, in class, Anna summarizes the material, then spends the majority of class time on problem solving activities, which generally take place at the classroom’s whiteboards.

After learning more about Mathematics Journey with Enhanced WebAssign during the the 2014 American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges meeting, Anna decided to pilot it in her Intermediate Algebra course. Once she began the pilot semester, Anna found that the solution was a natural fit for her hybrid flipped classroom.

Overall, Anna believes Mathematics Journey with Enhanced WebAssign—and features such as the “WatchIt” videos—helped increase student comprehension. Part of Anna’s method is to create mini videos to explain problems and concepts that cause students to struggle. After piloting this solution, Anna noticed a significant decrease in the number of videos she had to create. Furthermore, she’s observed a significant difference in student outcomes; she attributes higher department final scores to students’ success with Mathematics Journey with Enhanced WebAssign.

What’s more, she was very pleased with the support she received from Cengage Learning.

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