Cengage Learning’s Digital Course Support offers white-glove training and support services to ensure that your experience with the learning solution you’ve adopted leads to increased engagement, outcomes, and success. For a brief intro, watch the video below!

Looking for some quick tips to get you up and running?

At the Digital Course Support website, you can find links to online training seminars that familiarize you with the various aspects of using Cengage Learning solutions.

In addition, the Cengage Learning YouTube page features a series of self-training videos that walk through the steps of getting both you and your students set up on a variety of Cengage Learning solutions such as WebTutor, Enhanced InSite, CSFI 2.0, iLrn: Heinle Learning Center, and more. To begin, view the playlist “Getting Started with Cengage Learning Products,” find what you use in class, and you’re on your way!