Jay Contrino is an adjunct instructor of music at Southeast Missouri State University where he teaches Jazz Appreciation, Theories of Music in Culture, Aural Skills, and applied drum set lessons. He’s been teaching at the college level for many years after working as a performer at clubs, symphony halls, jazz festivals and aboard cruise ships, where he worked side by side with a wide range of musicians, including the Osmond Brothers, the Platters, Mickey Dolenz, Tommy Tune, and others.

This varied and exciting background adds to Contrino’s desire for his students to really listen to the intricacies of music, and gain a true appreciation for each and every piece. However, many of his students are criminal justice, nursing, and other exploratory majors who are simply enrolled in the course in order to fulfill the artistic expression requirement. “Teaching this course online has created a lot of challenges, especially when some students don’t know the difference between a clarinet and a trumpet,” said Contrino.

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