After being around for decades in various forms, competency-based learning is gaining traction at a growing number of higher education institutions. It’s been credited with promoting student engagement, improving learning outcomes, lowering the cost and time needed to earn a degree, and better arming learners with skills required by employers and necessary for career success.

What’s behind all the buzz? Is competency-based learning an “all or nothing” proposition, or is it adaptable in traditional classrooms? And can instructors implement competency-based learning without overtaxing their busy schedules?

This paper addresses these questions and discusses how Cengage Learning’s MindTap™ can make it easier for instructors to move students successfully through a competency-based learning program to higher levels of knowledge and skills.

» Download the white paper: “MindTap and Competency-Based Learning/Education: Perfect Partners in Promoting More Meaningful Outcomes.”