William “Bill” Mathis teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University (TCU). He is always on the lookout for solutions that will help him teach, and will help students learn, more efficiently and effectively. On that front, he gives high marks to MindTap for Criminal Justice, as do his students. Professor Mathis’ ninety-two students wrote essays describing their experiences with MindTap.
Here are a few of the things they had to say:
More than four out of five students would recommend that professors use MindTap again

In these essays, they also told us what they appreciated about the features of MindTap that they used most frequently. These include:

  • Flashcards
  • Search
  • Readspeaker (text-to-speech functionality)

To learn more about these students’ reactions to MindTap, including their opinions about the features of MindTap they’d find most useful, download our information sheet.

» Download the information sheet on students’ experiences with MindTap for Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University.