Audrey Wick, Cengage Faculty Partner and full-time English Professor at Blinn College in Texas, offers her experience with Questia through MindTap and why she recommends it for all students.

If you want to give your students #JustOneThing, think about empowering them through access to quality research.

That’s what students get with Questia through MindTap. More than a database, it’s an all-in-one digital library that helps students understand the research process, find reputable sources, obtain the information they need, and integrate the content with citations without ever leaving their virtual classroom space.

Reluctant learners and those unfamiliar with academic libraries find Questia easy to use because searches mirror the ease of using an internet engine. And it’s not overwhelming like the choices within most institutional libraries. Single access provides streamlined searching for books, articles, reference works, and more while teaching students the value of what they are doing through tutorials, activities—plus, critical thinking guidance they can access if they need it or dive deeper when they encounter a specific research concern.

My freshman writers are not allowed to use internet-based searching, so filtering them through Questia helps me teach the full range of possibilities for academic research in ways most have never encountered. Students appreciate the abstracts, project folders, citation tools, and clear labeling of source types. As an instructor, I appreciate the credibility, dictionary integration, outlining template, customized features for ADA compliance, and unlimited storage capabilities within Questia.

I teach my students about the differences between primary and secondary sources, and Questia helps make that distinction clear with their keywords and filters. I also use their short video tutorials directly in my classroom to highlight trouble areas of research, including planning strategies and plagiarism pitfalls. The platform really supports classroom learning objectives.

On my students’ last paper of the semester, they bridge from Questia into my institution’s library. Questia helps build their confidence in Gale content, so they can then understand other academic library tools like discipline-specific databases and a digital catalog. I’m always impressed by their quality research on that last project, and they build that over a semester of discovery with #JustOneThing: Questia.