Professor Greg Gellene, a Chemistry professor at Texas Tech University, was interested in improving the academic outcomes of his students in his Principles of Chemistry course. He liked many of MindTap General Chemistry’s student-centered features. He therefore decided to study the impact of MindTap General Chemistry in comparison to their current digital solution.

To do this, he compared the course grades and success rates of students in his section using MindTap General Chemistry with those in other sections using the other solution in Fall 2014. Additionally, he surveyed the students using MindTap General Chemistry to understand their experience with the product in the course.

In this case study, you’ll read how students using MindTap outperformed their peers and overwhelmingly saw MindTap General Chemistry’s positive impact on their learning. These students also felt that MindTap General Chemistry played an important role in their increased engagement and achievement. Likewise, Professor Gellene saw the benefits of MindTap General Chemistry to his students and his teaching, and began recommending the solution to his peers and others teaching the course.

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